Company History

Him First Media Group was created by Thomas J. Donovan.  Him First Media Group conception launched from an increasing visibility of the internet taking over and merging with news stations, T.V. broadcasting and entertainment venues. Tom became an owner in a string of internet café’s providing high speed internet service and computer training while the internet was just in its infancy. Mr. Donovan; having been involved in marketing and advertising for most of his life began developing state of the art websites and working on the now “Extreme Ranking Power”, exclusive search engine optimization technology. The internet was no longer something of the future; it was here and here to stay.

Him First Media Group was catapulted into the leaders of the website design and search engine marketing industry and has built its reputation through service and results. Traditional marketing and advertising combined with the latest technologies of the internet have proven that Him First Media Group dynamic focus towards a company and the way its customers are finding them online was an element that was missing from the website design industry. Him First Media Group have been on the cutting edge of online business development for the last eight years and are poised to continue to help businesses of all sizes for years to come.

Our Motto is simple: Quality, Service, & Integrity!

Him First Media Group is a Business Development Firm that brings Website Development, Graphic Design, Web Maintenance, Mobile Website, Smartphone Apps, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing to the Christian community to provide the highest level of service, quality with integrity, Our full service firm will get you online, keep you online and strategically help you develop new business.

Him First Media Group
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