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The Internet is the leading source of Advertising today; it is attracting over 75% of the population to search and view online in real time for any service or product.
An Effective Web Presence is when your company can be found on the top ranks of the major search engines making your web link the most attractive link in the ranks while instilling an emotional response in a viewer through Search Engine Title Tag, Search Engine Description and A Customized Domain Name. This will ensure a larger percent of clicks or website visits to your company’s website. When your website receives a click through or website visit; an effective web presence utilizes your company’s website as the ultimate sales, promotion, informational and educational piece while backing that emotional response curiosity that was created at the search results level with credibility and confidence and multiple calls to actions.
Web hosting is the service that makes a web site available to others on the internet. Basically when you rent web space you are renting disk space on someone’s computer which is connected full time to the internet. Of course technically it gets more complicated than that, but that’s the basic definition.

Web Hosting is what allows your domain name to have customized e-mail addresses for your company; the loading speed of your website depends upon your web hosting company and most important; make sure that your web hosting company can offer you reliable up time on the World Wide Web.
A Domain Name is how a company establishes an identity on the Internet.

A Domain Name should and is advised to be used as a marketing tool as well and to utilize consumer curiosity backed by customer confidence and credibility by your domain name.
A Vanity Toll Free Phone number is a unique way of identifying your company with a customized telephone number that spells out your industry specifics. It creates consumer confidence and credibility for your company, allowing customers to be at ease when choosing your company over its competition.
A company needs an effective web presence to help it grow and gain momentum in the ever changing marketplace. An effective web presence not only attracts new business and increases cash flow it also satisfies your existing customers and allows for a continuous referral base.
Top search engine placement is the method of achieving top rankings in major search engines for keywords that your potential customers are online looking for.  It creates the visibility that your company deserves to aid you in generating new business for your company
There are over 3.5 billion searches conducted online each day.
With over 3.5 billion searches conducted online each day it is imperative that you company come up in the top search engines. Your customers are online looking for you, it is the most cost effective way to advertise and it is known as pull marketing.
There are over 3. billion Social Media registered social media users, so it is very important that your company have a social media presence
Yes, you should have a custom domain name and vanity toll free phone number for your company. Having these things is an essential part of an effective web presence. A company wants its potential clients to know that they can serve their needs while pushing emotional triggers with customized toll free vanity phone numbers and domain names; We want to push them creating consumer curiosity and back it with customer confidence and credibility. Customized Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers and Custom Domain Names means increased business for your company.
The Internet is increasing at a daily growth rate of 2% daily of the 25% that are not already utilizing the Internet.
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