Tracking & Reporting

Him First Media Group utilizes a variety of techniques to ensure that you are able to track your search engine marketing campaign. Our mission is to not only drive new business to your company, but to show you the results with search engine ranking reports, analytic reports, website statistics and independent email accounts to track the contacts that are being generated.

Him First Media Group reports are emailed automatically on a monthly basis. Our clients receive a search engine ranking (Position) report to show search engine visibility for the keywords being targeted within a certain campaign, keyword and pages that its rankings appear for, what specific domain and page extensions are generating placements as well as a month to month progress feature. We generate independent analytic reports as well as independent emails to ensure your website contacts are being secured and delivered properly to your inbox. We also provide real time access to website statistics for the purpose of tracking your daily, weekly, monthly and overall campaign.

To learn more about the features we provide for the purposes of tracking your search engine marketing campaign, give us a call @ (631) 648 7787